Cannot figure out why agent on my LAN cant connect to lapi on remote server through tailscale. the servers can ping eachother fine

I installed crowdsec running in a docker container on my Unraid server that is on my LAN. This install is intended to just be an agent.

I already have Crowdsec up and running on an Ubuntu VPS and this is where the bouncer is setup and the instance I intend to use as the lapi.

To make communicating between my LAN and the VPS easier and secure I have setup Tailscale at both ends. I can ping my LAN from the VPS and I can ping the VPS from inside the crowdsec container on my LAN.

However any time i try to register the agent to the lapi i get the following error and im not sure why.

FATA[14-04-2023 22:56:55] api client register: api register ( : Post "": dial tcp i/o timeout: Post "": dial tcp i/o timeout

Even though you can ping, there may still be a firewall in effect that is not allowing connections?

I never used tailscale so maybe a read here may help? What firewall ports should I open to use Tailscale? ยท Tailscale