Caddy-bouncer on caddy docker trying to connect to external LAPI host

I have the api setup. I am trying to connect to the docker external host LAPI on port :8080. I’ve tried using the docker bridge ip 172.17. 0.1 but I am getting connection refused. I know the host is listening to port
I’ve also added the docker ip to the list of trusted_ips in the config file, but still can’t connect to the API server, connection refused.
Any ideas? Is it a possibilty?

If the CrowdSec is listening on the loopback interface ( then the docker bridge doesnt know about crowdsec listening on that port since its a different interface.

You can change the configuration of crowdsec to listen on which means all interfaces so it will be accessible to the docker network. However, be careful using as if your system does not have a firewall it will expose CrowdSec to the internet (Which is not too bad however, you should always follow the principle of minimizing your exposed surface)

Yes, I thought of that too. What I decided to do is take crowdsec out of bridge mode and into host mode. That works. This is a proxmox build. I was interested in trying to filter all the VM’s through caddy and crowdsec.
One other thing “http.auto_https” enabled crowdsec complains about “localhost” and enables certs for it.
Can that be disabled?